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The Korean Pears are widely grown for their refreshingly sweet fruit and they are most popular food in Asia and USA. Korean pear tree is a branch of Pyrus pyrifolia. Korean pears are also popular as Singo Pears or Shingo Pears and Japanese pears. Korean Pears skin is a bit rougher and thicker, so you donít eat the skin. However the flesh part is marvelously juicy and sweet and has a crunchy texture like an apple. They are fairly expensive about US $2-3 per pear.

Shingo Pears Online

The Singo Pear or Shinseiki Pear fruit is grown and consumed in great quantity. Biting into "Shin-Go" Korean Pear is truly like biting into a waterfall. Exploding with chin drenching sweetness is the hallmark of these delicious fruits. Many are exported to the U.S. and sold as gifts, touting the superior quality of pears grown on the peninsula versus those grown in Southern California. In the South Korean city of Naju, there is a museum called The Naju Pear Museum and Pear Orchard for Tourists.

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